Butyl Acrylate

N-butyl acrylate (BA) is synthesized by esterification of acrylic acid with n-butyl alcohol, which can be used in the manufacture of fiber treatment agents, adhesives, coatings, synthetic resins, propylene rubber and latex.

Product name N-butyl acrylate, butyl acrylate
CAS No. 141-32-2
Appearance Colorless liquid
Odour Strong ester odor
Boiling point 145.7℃
Viscosity(at 20℃) 0.856
Flashpoint 38(close cup)/43(open cup)
Product standard GB/T17529.4-1998

Product specification

Color (APHA) ≤10(Bulk)≤20(Drum)
Purity% (WT) ≥99.5
Water% (WT) ≤0.05
Free acidity % (WT) ≤0.01
Inhibitor ppm (WT) ≤50±5


200L plastic drum, IBC Tank ,ISO Tank