Molecular formula :(CH3) 3SiO[(CH3)2SiO]nSi(CH3)3

Dimethyl silicone oil, with good resistance to high and low temperature performance, high flash point, low freezing point, low vapor, good oxidation resistance and chemical stability, can be in – 50 ℃, + 200 ℃ high temperature within the scope of use for a long time, in isolation from the air or inert gas, can be long-term use under 200 ℃, and viscosity-temperature coefficient is small, small surface tension, compression ratio, shear degeneration is good, the advantages of good pervious to light, but also has excellent electrical insulation properties, arc resistance, corona, moistureproof performance is good, and good physiological inertia, Therefore, it has been widely used in various departments of industrial and agricultural production, national defense industry, scientific research and medical and health care.

We specially recommend dimethyl silicone oil for film release agent, defoaming agent, lubricant (line oil) and mold silicone rubber. Dimethyl silicone oil except possesses all the characteristics of the Dimethyl silicone oil, due to the unique production process does not contain residual catalyst in the silicone oil and its breakdown products do not contain metal ions, and thus a more prominent feature of non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, no irritation to human body, will not cause allergic reactions, and can compatibility with commonly used cosmetics components, these properties make silicone oil can be a very good used in cosmetic production, in order to improve the performance of the cosmetics.


Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. Should be stored separately with oxidant, reducing agent, alkali, avoid by all means mix store. Equipped with the corresponding varieties and quantities of fire equipment. The storage area shall be provided with emergency leakage treatment equipment and suitable storage materials.

1.The Dimethyl silicone oilproduced by our factory is packed in 50 l plastic drum and 200 l plastic iron drum, or can be packed according to the requirements of users.

2, 201 methyl silicone oil should be stored in a clean, closed, lead-free or tin alloy container, avoid contact with acid, alkali and other impurities, do not close to the open fire.

3, in line with the above packaging and storage conditions, 201 methyl silicone oil from the date of production, the shelf life of three years, more than the shelf life of the product, can be retested, qualified can still be used. This product is




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