Vitamin C(ascorbic acid), as a new type of building material additive, has been widely used in highway, high-rise building, bridge culvert and other construction projects. It can be compounded with polycarboxylic acid water reducer, which is an excellent water reducer additive.

Vitamin C contains a large number of strongly polar functional groups of carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, these groups through the absorption, dispersion, wetting function of surface activity, such as flow of cement particle dispersion and performance, and by reducing the friction resistance between cement particles, reduce cement particles and water boundary surface free energy to increase the workability of fresh concrete. At the same time, polycarboxylic acid substances adsorb on the surface of cement particles, carboxylic acid ions make cement particles with a negative charge, thus causing electrostatic repulsion between cement particles and dispersion of cement particles, resulting in the inhibition of cement slurry aggregation tendency, increase the contact area between cement particles and water, and make cement fully hydrated. In the process of dispersing cement particles, the free water surrounded by the condensate is released, which improves the workability and reduces the volume of mixing.

The performance of ascorbic acid polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer is better than that of similar products on the market. The test results show that the product has higher water reduction rate and lower slump loss, and the strength of concrete has been greatly improved, which has obvious advantages in the performance comparison of the same product.

Packing: 25KG/ carton.

Transportation: to prevent the sun, rain; Not to be mixed with toxic or harmful substances; This product is non-dangerous and can be transported as a general chemical.

Storage: it shall be stored in a dry, clean and light-proof environment. It is strictly prohibited to mix with toxic substances to avoid pollution.




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