Chrome Free Lignosulfonate

1.Product Introduction
Pure wood pulp chrome-free lignin sulfonate is a lignin sulfonate drilling mud diluent both the role of water loss. This product has high temperature, non-toxic, compatibility and other characteristics. Do diluent for a variety of mud systems.

2.Main Indicators

Indicators of Chrome Free Lignosulfonate

Moisture  ≤10%

Water insoluble matter  ≤2.5%

PH value  2.8-4.5

Iron content  6-8%

using pure wood pulp as raw materials, with excellent dilution performance, mud filter effect is significant. The dilution performance of the product for freshwater slurry is better than that of brine slurry. Compatible with other types of mud treatment agent. This product is non-flammable and explosive products, five drugs, no corrosion, the use of safe, no pollution to the environment. This product has a good ability to emulsify.

Our products can be directly in the form of powder or dubbed into the form of aqueous solution into the mud, due to the addition of this diluent after the slurry PH value has been reduced, need to add sodium hydroxide to adjust the mud PH value between 10-11, this state use The best results. When used as a slurry diluent, the recommended amount is 1.0% to 1.5% (W / V) for fresh water and 1.5% to 2.0% (W / V) for saline.

The diluent is suitable for deep wells for use as a viscosity reducing agent. Suitable for vertical wells and technically complex inclined wells. In the water-based drilling fluid at the same time have the role of viscosity reduction and loss of filtration. This product is also suitable for offshore drilling and high salt content and saturated salt drilling conditions




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