Also known as tetra-sodium diphosphate, with or without water and decahydrate. Decahydrate is colorless or white crystalline or crystalline powder, anhydrous is white powder, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol and other organic solvents. And Cu2 +, Fe, Mn2 + and other metal ions complexation capability is strong, aqueous solution is stable under 70 ℃, boiling hydrolysis into disodium hydrogen phosphate

Appearance: white powder or crystal

Chemical formula: Na4P2O7

Molecular weight: 265.9

CAS No. : 7722-88-5

EINECS No. : 231-767-1

  1. S CODE: 28353990


1.Electroplating industry for the preparation of electroplating liquid, can form complex with iron. Wool industry used as wool degreasing agent and bleaching agent. The paper industry is used for bleaching paper and plant fibres. Printing and dyeing industry as printing and dyeing, precision bleaching agent. As an additive in toothpaste, it can form a colloid with calcium hydrophosphate and play a stabilizing role. It can also be used in the synthesis of detergent and the production of shampoo and other products. Water treatment as a soft agent. Used as a rust remover in machining. Used as dispersant and emulsifier in chemical industry. It can also be used for water treatment agent, oil drilling and other aspects, as a quality improver, emulsifier, buffer, chelating agent in the food industry.

2.Besides the function of softening water, sodium pyrophosphate can redissolve insoluble salts of calcium and magnesium, such as clothes fibers, which are mixed with dirt formed by insoluble calcium soaps or other metal soaps. It can make them redissolve and improve the deconsolidation ability. In addition, sodium pyrophosphate has the effect of deflocculation, so that the oil emulsification, which is known as the colloidal properties. Also can make the surfactant solution to further reduce the surface tension and interfacial tension, play a washing role.




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