1.Appearance: colorless or light red liquid; molecular weight: 109.14, with pungent smell

2.Quality standard:

Testing item

Quality standard


≥50, 60, 70%

specific gravity



As the main raw material of cold blanching essence;When drilling high pressure oil and gas Wells in petroleum exploration, to protect oil and gas layers and reduce formation damage, the solid phase free completion fluid of bromide (CaBr2, ZnBr2, etc.) with a density up to 2.30g/cm3 is required. The concentrated solution of these salts is highly corrosive and becomes more corrosive as the temperature increases, with some hot Wells reaching 200℃. The results show that the sulfur compounds are the only corrosion inhibitors that can inhibit salt water corrosion at 140-200℃. This is due to the chemical reaction of these compounds with metals at a certain temperature, forming a dense FeS protective film.Mercaptoacetate is a good corrosion inhibitor for bromine completion fluid. When used alone, it works well in the 149-204 ℃ temperature range, but is usually used in combination with thiocyanate inhibitors and antioxidants (aldehydes/sugars). The corrosion inhibitors are formulated as follows: ammonium mercaptoacetate 0.6%, sodium thiocyanate 0.4%, and sodium isobascorbate 0.8%. After 7 days of corrosion testing, the corrosion rate of the steel sheet was only 0.155mm/a.

4.Packaging: 30kg/plastic drum; 250kg/plastic drum

5.Storage: store in dry, low-temperature and ventilated place in seal

6.Notes: please avoid direct contact with skin, eyes and mouth cavity