Mercaptoacetic acid

other name: thioglycolic acid
Molecular formula: C2H4O2S, HSCH2COOH
Molecular weight: 92.11
The CAS number: 68-11-1
EC No: 200-677-4

The quality meets the following technical indicators:

Properties: colorless transparent liquid with pungent odor

Specific gravity: 1.31 (20 ℃)

Heavy metal (Pb) PPM(mg/kg) 1

Iron (Fe) parts per million (mg/kg) of 0.5 or less

Arsenic (As) parts per million (mg/kg) of 0.1 or less

Content: 99% or higher

Packing specification: 1000Kg/IBC Tank, also can be packed according to customer’s requirement.


1) mercaptoacetic acid is widely used as cold ironing agent and depilatory agent in daily cosmetics.

2) thioglycolic acid can be used as the active component of hair removal solution in leather industry.

3) mercaptoacetic acid is used in the preparation of epoxy resin, as A catalyst for bisphenol A, and as A chain transfer agent in free radical emulsion polymerization; It can also be used as the basic raw material for the synthesis of PVC transparent plastic and organic antimony, organic tin heat stabilizer. Its reagent product is a sensitive reagent for testing iron, molybdenum, silver, tin and other metal ions.

4) the ammonium salt of thioglycolic acid is used for deplating solution on metal surface, cleaning agent and rust inhibitor, and also can be used as corrosion inhibitor for bromine well completion fluid in oil field.

5) sodium thioglycoacetate is an inhibitor of copper sulfide, which can be used in the flotation of copper molybdenum minerals.

6) mercaptoacetic acid and its methyl and ethyl esters can be used for the synthesis of various pesticides and pharmaceutical intermediates; Isooctyl mercaptoacetic acid is an important intermediate in the synthesis of PVC thermal stabilizers and can be used as low toxicity or non-toxic stabilizers for polyethylene oxygenate.

7) mercaptoacetic acid is dedicated to the production of polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer.