Basic Information

Name: Methyl thioglycolate
Other name:methylthioglycolic ester;USAF EK-7119;Methyl mercaptoacetate;Methanethiol,methoxy;Mercaptoacetic Acid Methyl Ester;Methylthioglycolate;Thioglycolic Acid Methyl Ester;Methyl Thioglycolate;Acetic acid,mercapto-,methyl ester;2-mercaptoacetic acid methyl ester;methyl 2-mercaptoacetate;sulfanylacetic acid methyl ester;mercapto acetic acid methylester;Thioglycolic acid methyl ester;1-methoxycarbonylmethanethiol;methyl mercaptoglycolate;
Molecular formula:C3H6O2S
molecular weight:106.14400
Precise quality:106.00900

physico-chemical property

Appearance and appearance: colorless or grayish green liquid
Refractive index: n20/D 1.466(lit.)
Flash point: 86 °FSteam pressure: 3.58mmhg at 25°C
Melting point: -24 °C
Density: 1.187 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Water solubility: 40 g/L (20 ° C)
Boiling point: 42-43 °C10 mm Hg(lit.)

Safety information

Packing grade: III
Danger category: 3
HS code: 29309070
Transport code of dangerous goods: UN 1992 3/PG 3

Product use

Methyl mercaptoacetate is the raw material of herbicide thiophenon.
Pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.