Chemical Structure:CH2=CH(CH3)CH2CH2O(CH2CH2O)m(CH2CH3CHO)nH

Chemical name:methyl and vinyl polyoxyethylene/propylene ethers

Properties and Uses:These intoxic and bland products are soluble in water and other solvents.As the important material f the polycarboxylic water-reduce agent,they have great effect in dispersing cement pellets. The environmental-friendly products feature a small dosage and good effect upon reducing water and strengthening. The final water-reduce agent shows a great durability and rustproof against seel bar.These products are suitable to formulate commercial concrete with great property and stength(aboveC60)either at construction site or after a long-distant delivery.

Other name:polyether monomer,Polycarboxylate superplasticizer macromonomer,Polycarboxylate Polyether Monomer

Quality Indexs:These products are made with the most advanced ethoxylation technology and production unit.The final products feature accurate molecular wieght,low glycol. Content,high double-bonding retention rate.The prepared water-reduce agents feature good cohesion and slump.

Product TPEG-2400 TPEG-3000
Appearance (25℃) White flake White flake
PH value

 (1% aqueous solution)

5.0-7.0 5.0-7.0
Hydroxyl value


22.0-25.0 17.5-19.5
Lodine value

(gI2/100 g)

≥9.6 ≥7.3
Double bond retention

(% ≥)

≥92.0 ≥90.0