Cold water soluble hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC is designed by Xingzhegnhe Chemical for water-based products, is the surface of the cellulose ether in a certain temperature and PH conditions with glyoxal to surface treatment, through the processing of cellulose ether in cold water into the neutral dispersed only and will not produce swelling viscosity, delayed swelling effect, while the aqueous solution of mixing again after 5-10 minutes or dispatch solution environment (PH) whole of alkaline, start swelling cellulose ethers viscosity, this kind of type through the type of surface treatment is usually referred to instant.

Cold water soluble hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, its characteristic is when faced with cold water, can quickly spread in cold water, but you need time to its viscosity rise, because the early spread, it is only in the water, is not a real sense of dissolving, the viscosity peak about 40 minutes or more, its advantage is to use in a particular industry, not dry powder mixing, or need to dissolve use for equipment condition and other reasons can’t use hot water, under the condition of instant type hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose was solved such problems.
Instant type hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose dispersed in water (dispersion of 100%), fast dissolving, no neighbors, especially late transparent colloid solution (above95%), consistency, solved the practical application of beam, expanded the application fields, such as the application in building glue, its application in the mixed liquid admixtures and in special fields such as cleaning products.

Packing, storage and transportation

Packaging: plastic-coated polypropylene woven bag, net weight of each bag :25kg, used in storage and transportation.
Avoid rain and sunshine. Waterproof and moisture resistant. Sealed and ventilated storage, according to the transport of non-hazardous goods.