Methyl acrylate

Methyl acrylate was mainly used as the intermediate of organic synthesis, and also as the monomer of high polymers, such as rubber, medicine, leather, papermaking, adhesives. 

Appearance Clear, colorless, volatile liquid
Density (g/cm3) 0.956
Molecular formula CH2CHCOOCH3
Molecular weight 86.09
Freezing point℃ -75
Boiling point (760mmHg)℃ 80.3
Viscosity cp (20 ℃) 0.44
Flash point ℃ -2.8(close cup)/15.6(open cup)
Explosion point with air Floor limit vo1% 2.8
Superior limit vo1% 25

Product standard:GB/T17529.2-1998

Color (APHA) ≤20(Drum) ≤10(Bulk)
Purity% (WT) ≥99.5
Water% (WT) ≤0.05
Free acidity % (WT) ≤0.01
Inhibitor ppm (WT) 100±10


200L plastic drum, IBC Tank ,ISO Tank