Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose(XZH—HPMC)


1.Improve uniformity, make the slurryeasier to coat, at the meantime improve the anti-sagging ability.

2.High water retention, extendtheopen time, enhance the adhesion of putty.

3.Excellent workability.

4.The specially modified grade with improved sagging resistance & workability can be provide.


Advantages of XZH-HPMC in building materials field

  • 1.Mix well with dry powder.

  • 2.With the characteristics of cold water dispersion.

  • 3.Make the solid particles effectively suspended, make the mixture more fine and uniform.

  • 1.Containing cellulose ether dry mix formula can be easily mixed with water.

  • 2.Get the desired consistency quickly.

  • 3.Cellulose ether dissolves more quickly and without clumps.

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