Concrete is the most important basic building material in modern construction engineering. It has many advantages and has been widely used in engineering in various fields. Different concretes have different mass density and can be divided into heavy concrete, ordinary concrete and light concrete according to the quality. The specific characteristics are as follows:

1. Heavy concrete: It also becomes radiation concrete, shielding concrete, etc. The main feature is that it can effectively shield the atoms and radiation generated by atomic energy reactors, etc., especially the penetrating power of a and G rays is low, and it is easy to be absorbed. Heavy concrete able to block completely.

This product has strong stability, good uniformity, thermal conductivity and the smallest possible shrinkage rate, contains sufficient hydrogen element, high structural strength, impermeability, airtight, good heat resistance, no corrosion, anti-corrosion Radiation effect is superior.

2. Ordinary concrete: Ordinary concrete is often used in general buildings, and its basic strength and durability can reach national standards, including high-performance concrete with high fluidity, high strength and high durability that we often say.

This type of concrete has relatively high requirements for durability and volume stability, and there are many classifications, which can meet the construction of different regions, different environments and different requirements. At the same time, workability, slump, water-reduction rate, water-reduction rate, gas content, strength, impermeability, etc. can be adjusted according to demand.

3. Lightweight concrete: Lightweight concrete and ultra-lightweight concrete are made of lighter coarse and fine aggregates, and other materials are added to gradually reduce the density and quality of concrete, light weight and high strength, good thermal insulation performance, and good seismic performance. plays an important role in the wall.

This type of concrete has good energy saving, thermal insulation properties, and is one of the materials to replace clay bricks. Works great.

These three kinds of concrete are the three kinds of mass densities that we commonly see. Concrete of different densities and masses has its unique characteristics and application fields. The development and utilization of admixtures have played a very important role in promoting the development of concrete. The development of concrete will be more and more in the future. Like environmental protection, green, energy-saving development.