Sodium gluconate is still unfamiliar to everyone’s cognition, but almost no one does not know about glucose. But the two substances are so different that they are almost completely irrelevant. Next, the editor will tell you what is sodium gluconate? What is the function? Let everyone have a general understanding.

What is sodium gluconate? It is a chemically pure, non-corrosive compound. The chemical formula is C6H11NaO7, which appears to be white crystalline particles or powder. It has good corrosion and scale inhibition effects, and is widely used as a treatment agent for circulating cooling water systems in low-pressure boilers and internal combustion engine cooling water systems in petrochemical enterprises.
The role of sodium gluconate:

  1. Sodium gluconate is used as steel surface cleaning agent: If the steel surface needs electroplating, chrome plating, tin plating, and nickel plating for special purposes, the steel surface should be cleaned strictly, and the electroplating material should be closely combined with the steel surface. Adding sodium gluconate to detergents can achieve very desirable results.
  2. Detergent for glass bottles: Taking sodium gluconate as the main body, formulating glass bottle detergent can solve the problem of contamination of glass bottles.
  3. Cement admixture: Adding a certain amount of sodium gluconate to cement can improve the plasticity and strength of concrete, and play a blocking role, that is, delay the early stage and curing time of concrete. Also used in electroplating and thin film manufacturing industries.
  4. Sodium Gluconate Water Stabilizer: It has good corrosion and scale inhibition, and is widely used as water quality stabilizer.
  5. In the construction industry, water reducers and retarders are used in concrete projects. Its water reduction, plasticity and retardation effects are all obvious, which can greatly improve facilitation, reduce slump loss, and improve later strength. As a moderator, it can extend the supersetting time from several hours to several days to avoid strength damage. In addition, it has a wide range of applications and can be applied to concrete with pumping, high fluidity, large volume and high strength performance.
  6. In the food industry: it can well prevent the occurrence of hyponatremia syndrome. There is no good taste threshold, pungency, bitterness, and the salt taste is close to salt, and the threshold is much higher than other organic acid salts. It is 5 times that of salt (inorganic salt), 2.6 times that of sodium phosphate, and 16.3 times that of sodium lactate. Controlling the pH value in food processing and processing it into healthy low-salt or salt-free (sodium chloride) food instead of edible salt has a great effect on improving human health and enriching people’s lives.
  7. Sodium gluconate in the diagnosis and treatment industry: adjust the acid-base balance of the human body and restore the normal function of nerves.
    In fact, sodium gluconate is a crystalline powder. are produced under properly regulated and controlled conditions. This compound is chemically pure and non-corrosive. Quality is constant. With these features, stable and reproducible results can be obtained in the application.