Sodium gluconate has a wide range of industrial applications, and its uses in various industries are also different. Today we introduce one of its more special uses: anti-corrosion.

The application characteristics of sodium gluconate have many aspects, and some special conditions can be handled to ensure some functions in the application. Generally, in the process of use, we should pay attention to the processing of some details to ensure the stability of the functions in use, so that the functions in use can be greatly improved, so as to achieve certain conditions in use. data. It can play an excellent role in processing applications. Generally speaking, in the use of raw materials, it can be processed under certain conditions to obtain excellent results in application functions. Some problems should be paid attention to in the application to maintain the stability of the basic function of the material.

Therefore, sodium gluconate used in ordinary industrial production is not only used as a water reducing agent, but also can be used as a high-efficiency preservative under many conditions. In some food processing, there is a great demand for preservative materials. Usually, salt is used in the manufacture of preservatives. However, some foods require different flavors in production and packaging. Salt can change the taste of the food itself. The stability of the function in use makes it possible to maintain a certain stability in the process of use.

In the more common cigarettes, we can see the preservative properties of sodium gluconate. The reason why cigarettes have such a long shelf life is that the added sodium gluconate acts as a preservative.

Adding sodium gluconate to cigarettes can not only improve the physical properties of cut tobacco, increase the tolerance of cut tobacco, but also protect the internal moisture from volatilization, thereby weakening the cutability; and tobacco products are relatively easy to shape products. When the product is placed in a place with high temperature and humidity, the tobacco can easily become moldy and deteriorate. Adding a small amount of sodium gluconate to tobacco can resist the reproduction of mold and greatly prolong the life of tobacco products.