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Acrylic Acid

Polyacrylic acid which produced by acrylic acid can be further modified to produce superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) and other polyacrylic acid homopolymers or copolymers used as detergents, dispersants/antiscalants, anionic polyelectrolytes for water treatment, and rheology modifiers.

Acrylic Acid

Product name Acrylic acid
CAS No. 79-10-7
Formula Ch2chcooh
Description Clear liquid with irritating smell.dissolved with water and dissolved in alcohol and diethyl ether.
Applications Used in textile, adhesive, coating materials, ink, water treatment chemicals and fine chemicals.
Property Specifications
Purity,% ≥ 99.5 % min
Colour,Hazen≤ 20
Fe%   0.002
Water Content% ≤ 0.20

Inhibitor Content(MEHQ)

(m/m),10 -6


Product is available in 200 kg Plastic drums or 23MT ISO tanks.

Storage The temperature in the storerooms shouldn’t be more than 5℃ (except for products stored in pressured containers) and the humidity, shouldn’t be more than 85%. Sealed package is required. The product cannot contact with air directly, should be stored apart from oxidizer and alkali and avoid mixing, large-quantity and long-time storage. Adopt explosion-proof lighting and ventilating equipment, and forbid using mechanical equipment and tools that are easy to form sparkle. Emergency treatment equipment and suitable recovery materials should be equipped in the storage zone.