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Diethanolisopropanolamine(DEIPA) is a green and environmentally friendly new grinding aid material, which has obvious grinding aid effect and is widely used in cement grinding aid.

product description

Product Name Diethanolisopropanolamine(DEIPA)
content 85%
Chemical formula C7H17O3N
Molecular weight 163.2150
CAS No. 6712-98-7
EINECS No. 229-764-5
Fusing point 31.5 – 36 ℃
Boiling point at 145 ℃ (0.6 mm Hg(lit.)
Density 1.079 g/cm³
Application Raw material of Cement grinding aid
Physical property Colorless transparent viscous liquid, sometimes slightly yellowish. Slightly ammoniacal. At normal temperature and pressure, the property is stable.
Product performance DEIPA can be miscible with a variety of organic solvents, with good compatibility, easy to dissolve in water characteristics. It is alkaline and contains two functional groups of alcohols and amines in its molecular structure, which can react with a variety of substances to generate esters and amide salts.
Product use

DEIPA is a new generation of cement grinding aid raw material, which can replace triethanolamine and triisopropanolamine. Using this product as a grinding aid can obviously improve the effect of grinding aid; The strength of cement was increased by 3~5MPa in the early stage and 4~8MPa in the late stage. The strength of cement was higher than triethanolamine in the early stage and higher than triisopropanolamine in the late stage.

Compared with other similar cement additives, DEIPA has great advantages in improving grinding efficiency, energy saving and improving cement strength. In terms of grinding performance, the specific surface area of cement can be greatly improved, and the early and late strength of cement can be enhanced simultaneously.

Usage and dosage

DEIPA can be used alone or in combination with triethanolamine, triisopropanolamine and other alcohols, amines and esters.

The recommended dosage is 0.005~0.015% of cement, and the actual dosage is recommended to be determined according to the specific situation.

package 220KG/drum, 1000kg/IBC tank, ISO tank
store The storage period is 9 months in a dry and ventilated place, protected from sun and rain.