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Liquid Sodium Gluconate

Technical indicators

Item Indicators
Product name sodium gluconate Liquid
Molecular formula C6H11 Na O7
molecular weight 218.14
Specific gravity (20℃) ≥1.170
Solid content ≥31%
reduzate ≤2.0%
pH 7±1
chloride ≤0.02%
sulfate ≤0.05%
Heavy metal ≤20 ppm
lead ≤10 ppm
Arsenic salt ≤3 ppm
appearance Colorless or light yellow clear liquid
Main Application

(1) Adding a certain amount of sodium gluconate in the water-reducing agent,which can improve the water-reducing, the workability of concrete and the strength of concrete.

(2) Using the cement retarding action of sodium gluconate,can reach the effect of retarding pumping,can reach the effect of retarding pumping, so as to solve the high temperature hot season or mass concrete construction difficult problems,at the same time does not affect the strength of the concrete.

(3)Using sodium gluconate alone or compound with other types of admixtures to produce retarder,water reducer or pumping agent can improve concrete performance, reduce cost and have remarkable economic effect.

The advantage of using liquid sodium gluconate

(1) The liquid sodium gluconate adopts the automatic production control,we choose high quality edible glucose and special catalysis material, the average product conversion rate is above 98%. In a low dosage, to ensure good use effect.

(2) The liquid sodium gluconate does not undergo high temperature drying in the production process, and the active components do not have any chemical and physical changes, which effectively guarantees the performance of the product, and the application effect is better than the powder sodium gluconate.

(3) Liquid sodium gluconate has good compatibility with Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde,Aliphatic water reducer, Amino series water reducer and polycarboxylate superplasticizer, which solves the shortcomings of powder sodium gluconate in the process of compound superplastifier, such as not easy to dissolve, poor dispersion and poor adaptability, which affect the performance of products.

(4) Liquid sodium gluconate has good retarding and reducing water effect at high temperature, can be used alone in summer, do not need to add white sugar and other retarding products.

(5) The automatic production of admixture is widely used. Sodium gluconate powder can not meet the needs of automatic production, and the labor cost is higher. Liquid sodium gluconate can be well adapted to automatic production, saving labor costs, and ensure the stability of product quality.

(6) The raw material of liquid sodium gluconate does not contain toxic and harmful substances, and does not produce waste gas, waste water and waste residue in the production process. It is environmentally friendly and belongs to green environmental protection products.

Packaging, storage and transportation

This product is a liquid, non-dangerous goods, can be transported in accordance with the general chemicals. Use plastic drums or cans to transport directly to the customer;

Storage to avoid sunlight, rain, shelf life of 18 months.