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Xingzhenghe is one of the largest manufactures of superplasticizers. Our Annual output is over 150,000 Mts.

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Products have been sold to more than 60 countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc.

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warehouses are set up in major ports for more timely delivery , in Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai, Guangzhou,and other places with branches (offices) and foreign trade transit warehouse.

Nano calcium

Nano calcium carbonate is also called ultra-fine calcium carbonate. The precursor of nano calcium carbonate is non-metallic ore limestone, which is used to synthesize important inorganic salt products through reaction precipitation. The particle size of nanometer sized powder is 0.01~0.1 μ M. As an important inorganic filler, in addition to being widely used, it also has the advantages of high cost performance, no harm, good gloss and high whiteness.


The most mature application industry of nano calcium carbonate is the plastic industry, which is mainly used in high-grade plastic products. It is widely used in rubber, plastics, papermaking, chemical building materials, inks, coatings, sealants and adhesives.

Rubber industry

Application: tire, hose, adhesive tape, sealing ring, auto parts and other rubber products.

Features: it has three-dimensional structure, good dispersion and good combination with other fillers.

Functions: reinforcing effect, enhancing stretching, anti-aging, improving performance, reducing cost.

Plastic industry

Application: wire drawing, injection molding, bidirectional stretch film, PVC profile, wire, cable outer rubber particles, soft plastic

Characteristics: small particle size, good dispersion, small density

Function: mixing uniformity, regulator, reinforcing agent, rigidity and dimensional stability.

Papermaking industry

Application: thin sheet printing paper, recording paper, high white coated paper, cigarette paper, paper diapers

Features: fine performance, loose density, water resistance, flame retardant

Function: improve printing speed, strength, adjust the burning speed of cigarette paper

Paint industry

Application: waterborne paint

Features: fine, uniform, high whiteness, good optical properties

Function: strengthen, improve transparency, thixotropy, stain resistance, wash resistance, anti settlement

Printing ink industry

Application: ink printing

Features: stable, good luminosity, strong adaptability, good ink absorption

Function: high speed printing, low cost, fast drying

Daily chemical industry

Application: cosmetics, toothpaste

Features: strong adhesion, high whiteness, fine, no harm

Function: anti – perspiration, oil absorption, good adhesion

Advantages of nano calcium

It can improve the rheology of plastic masterbatch and improve its formability. As a plastic filler, it can toughen and strengthen the plastic, improve the bending strength, bending elastic modulus, thermal deformation temperature and dimensional stability of the plastic, and endow the plastic with thermal hysteresis. Nano calcium carbonate used in ink products shows excellent dispersion, transparency, excellent gloss, excellent ink absorption and high dryness. Nano calcium carbonate as ink filler in resin based ink has the advantages of good stability, high gloss, not affecting the drying performance of printing ink, strong adaptability and so on.