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Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer XZH-412

This product has the characteristics of  high water reduction and high slump protection. It can be directly dissolved with water to prepare liquid water reducer,can be used as polycarboxylic acid pumping agent, making it greatly convenient in the application process. For use in remote areas, only simple stirring and dissolution is needed to achieve rapid plant construction. The product has the characteristics of uniform granule, low water content, good solubility, high water reduction and slump protection.

Usage Features

The main performance

–High water reduction rate: the water reduction rate can reach more than 25%, greatly improving the fluidity under the condition of the same amount of water added to concrete;

–High slump protection: traditional polycarboxylic acid powder superplasticizer in the spray drying process due to the effect of high temperature, carboxylic acid group more or less will cause certain damage. Thus greatly reduce the liquid into solid after the performance of slump protection. XZH-412 is manufactured by a special process, so that carboxylic acid groups are not destroyed in the powder manufacturing process, so as to retain the slump protection of the original mother liquor.

–Good solubility and fast dissolution speed: due to its uniform particles and large specific surface area, it can be dissolved quickly in the water dissolution process, and there are no obvious impurities after dissolution.


This product mixture liquid after the scope of using poly (carboxylic acid water reducing agent, applicable to all kinds of industrial and civil construction of pre mixing cast-in-situ concrete, also suitable for high strength high performance, high durability, superfluid state free vibration self-leveling self-compacting and steel fiber, and other special concrete, precast concrete, long distance transportation of concrete, concrete products, etc.

Packing, storage and transportation

–This product is 25 kg/bag.

–According to the requirements of customers, package can be customize.

–Product Should be at room temperature (below 40 ℃) stored in a dry environment, avoid stacked or stress, so as to avoid product caking. Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from fire.

–The storage stability of the product in the original packaging should be maintained for 12 months, and it should be put into use within 180 days after the original packaging is opened

–This product can be transported as general chemical products, the transportation process needs moisture proof.

–If the product has a small amount of agglomeration, does not affect the use, crushing can be used.

The recommended dosage

The recommended dosage in various dry powder materials is 0.2~0.3% of gelling materials. It can be used instead of liquid polycarboxylic acid water reducer after dissolution, and then calculated according to the actual solid content after dissolution.


Technical indicators

Testing standard: GB8076-2008jc/t223-2007
item indicators item indicators
appearance White to yellowish powder Moisture content (%) ≤5
Water reduction rate (%) ≥25 Air content (%) ≤3
slump change in 1hour(mm) ≤80 Alkali content (%) ≤5
Bulk density (g/L) ≥450 Chloride ion content (%) ≤0.6
pH value(20% aqueous solution) 9.0±1.0 Fineness, 50 mesh ≤15%