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Xingzhenghe is one of the largest manufactures of superplasticizers. Our Annual output is over 150,000 Mts.

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Products have been sold to more than 60 countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Russia, Saudi Arabia etc.

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warehouses are set up in major ports for more timely delivery , in Tianjin,Qingdao,Shanghai, Guangzhou,and other places with branches (offices) and foreign trade transit warehouse.

Sodium Methyl Sulfonate

1. As monomer of high efficiency polycarboxylic acids concrete water reducing agents; offer stable sulfonic acid groups.
2. It is mainly used as the third monomer to improve the dyeability, heat resistance,sense of touch and easily weaving of the polyacrylonitrile. Also it can be used on water treatment, paint additive, carbon pore creating and powdered paints.

Usage Features

CAS NO: 1561-92-8
Molecular formula: CH2C(CH3)CH2SO3Na
Molecular Weight: 158.156

Structural formula:


Excellent thinning performance, filtration control capacity and powerful electrolyte resisting capacity. It is suitable to all kinds of mud.
b. Effective at temperatures of more than 150-160℃. It can also be used at temperature of above 200℃ when combined with lignite derivatives and other temperature-resisting chemicals.
c. FCLS is a good emulsifier for oil in water mud.

General Informations:

Appearance white flaky crystal
Melting point 270-280°C
Deliquescent It is easily soluble in water,slightly soluble in alcohol and methylsulfoxide,but not soluble in other organic solvent.

Typical Composition:

Item Details
Water Solution transparent
Assay >99.50%
Chlorides ≤0.035%
Iron ≤0.4ppm
Sodium sulfite ≤0.02%
Moisture ≤0.5%
Color ≤10


Packaging,Transportation and Storage:
1. Net weight: 20kg/bag 25kg/bag (kraft paper bag lined with PE), 170kg/bag or 500kg/flexible container
2. Avoid rain, dampness and sunlight in transporting.
3. Sttored in dry,cool place.

25 Kg (net weight) per bag, packaged in moisture proof multi-wall paper bags with PE film lining inside.