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Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde SNF-C

Usage Features

Product introduction:

This product is β naphthalene sulfonic acid formaldehyde condensate, soluble in water, stable physical and chemical properties, good effect, is a high performance water reducer. With high dispersibility, low foaming characteristics, high water reducibility, strength, early strength, enhanced superiority, incorporation of this product greatly increase the fluidity of concrete, improve slump, improve workability and construction performance.
This product has no rust on the steel. Widely used in concrete engineering, prefabricated components, sleepers, bridges, tunnels, national defense military projects, water conservancy and hydropower projects, port terminals, aircraft runways, high-rise building projects.


1. The amount of this product is generally 0.5-1%, the recommended dosage of 0.7%. This product can be used as a solution, can also be dry-doped method. Mixing concrete
Transport vehicles can also be incorporated into the construction.
2. Users in the initial use of this product or change the cement species, according to the specific circumstances and requirements of the project, make the necessary concrete test.
In the construction process, pay attention to the actual performance of SNF-C doped, summed up the use of empirical results, make adjustments to achieve the best results. steam
Maintenance should also determine the reasonable conditions and system of conservation.

Main performance:

1. The product conforms to the concrete admixture GB8067-97 national first-class product standard.
2. The dosage of 0.5-1% of the amount of cement, water reduction rate of 16-22%; one day, three days to increase the intensity of 60-95%, twenty-eight days to increase the intensity of 25-40%
Above, the long-term strength has also been greatly improved.
3. To improve the slump: In the same case of water-cement ratio, 0.7% slump incorporation increased more than 4-6 times the gap, still retain plasticity.
4, Save the cement: In the protection of design strength, can save 15-18% of cement.
5, To improve the workability and concrete components of the mechanical, structural properties, strong performance, improve impermeability and durability, with a certain antifreeze
For the configuration of anti-freeze-thaw concrete and port construction of concrete.
6, SNF-C water reducer wide range of applications, suitable for high-strength concrete, steel and prestressed reinforced concrete, impermeable waterproof concrete, steam Conservation and conservation of natural concrete, antifreeze concrete configuration and so on.


Main indicators:

Serial number Indicator name Indicator range Serial number Indicator name Indicator range
1 Cement paste fluidity ≥ 230 % 4 Chloride content ≤ 0.4 %
2 Solid content ≥ 93 % 5 Sodium sulfate content  ≤ 20 %
3 PH value 7 – 9 6 Surface Tension (71±)×10-3

Packaging and storage:

1, generally lined with plastic film, woven bags for external use, net weight 25Kg ± 0.5kg.
2, This product is non-toxic non-flammable, to prevent rain when stored, moisture-proof. If caking, crushing or formulated into a solution to use, does not affect the use of results.