Sodium gluconate is a deep-processed product of glucose, and it is also the basic raw material for preparing gluconolactone, gluconate (zinc, copper, ferrous salt), etc. It can be used as nutritional supplement, solidifying agent, buffer, etc. in the food industry. The product has good thermal stability and no deliquescence. Due to its excellent chelating properties, it is widely used in industrial sectors such as water treatment, electroplating, metal and non-metal surface cleaning, and cement production. , light industry and other industries have a wide range of uses.

Sodium gluconate
Sodium gluconate

Specific application characteristics in construction

  1. Using sodium gluconate can reduce the W/C (water-cement ratio) ratio and improve the strength of concrete. It is a high-quality concrete.
  2. Large and heavy pouring projects are difficult to construct. Due to the addition of sodium gluconate, the workability of concrete is improved, the setting time is delayed, and the formation of an interface on the structure can be avoided, thereby improving the structural strength.
  3. It is of great significance to keep the water-cement ratio unchanged and improve the machinability of the hot zone. Large quantities of sodium gluconate are used to build bridges in the Middle East.
  4. Adding sodium gluconate to the concrete mixture can delay the setting time, which is very important for long-term difficult perfusion.
  5. In the modern concrete industry, ready-mixed concrete is prepared in a central location and then transported by mixer trucks. In this case, it is important to increase the workability and initial setting time.
  6. Reducing the water-cement ratio can make concrete have higher strength and durability, and sodium gluconate can achieve this purpose. This is very important for high-strength reinforced concrete.
  7. The prefabricated mortar for masonry must be able to be used for a long time. Adding sodium gluconate can prolong working time.
  8. The oil well grouting temperature is high and the operation is difficult. After adding sodium gluconate, the concrete can work at 170℃ for several hours.