If sodium gluconate is used too much as a cleaning agent, it will not cause too much harm, but when cleaning, it will inevitably waste more water resources;If used too much as a chelating agent, the chelating effect will exceed the use demand and be counterproductive; Excessive use of water reducer and retarder as concrete admixtures will cause great damage to various properties of concrete.Therefore, although sodium gluconate is an admixture product, when users use it, they must also pay attention to the amount of use, not too much.

The harm caused by the excessive use of sodium gluconate in the concrete construction industry is the most serious. We mainly introduce the countermeasures against excessive use of sodium gluconate in the concrete construction industry. Sodium gluconate is mainly used as concrete water reducer and retarder to delay the initial setting time of concrete, enhance the plasticization of cement, and prolong the peak value of hydrothermal reaction. , affecting the initial strength and construction quality of concrete, and in severe cases, it is easy to cause accidents such as building collapse and personal injury.

If the amount of sodium gluconate in the concrete is too much, it is necessary to add some calcium nitrite at this time to speed up the hydration rate of the cement, reduce the plasticity of the cement, promote the development of the early strength of the concrete, and make the concrete finally set within 4 hours. . In about 8 hours, the strength can reach more than 5Mpa, and the cast-in-place concrete can be demoulded smoothly. It is the most important measure to solve the excessive use of sodium gluconate as a water reducing agent and retarder.