Industrial glucose, also known as food-grade glucose, is made of high-quality starch or rice as raw material, which is liquefied by amylase, saccharified and concentrated by glucosidase. The block glucose is cut and dried to form glucose powder. White lumpy solid with sweet taste. Solid content ≥ 80%, DE value ≥ 95, the product is widely used in sewage treatment, medicine, chemical industry, food, microbial fermentation and other industries.

The processing and external treatment of industrial sewage often require the use of industrial glucose, so what role does it play in the external treatment of industrial sewage? When the enterprise begins to purify sewage, it is necessary to appropriately add sodium gluconate for treatment , especially during the debugging period, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of sodium gluconate to provide a carbon source, so that the bacteria can be better cultivated, which can smoothly improve the biochemical characteristics of sewage industrial wastewater.

Since it is necessary to complete the sewage treatment as soon as possible, then adding industrial glucose at this time contains many benefits, which can further improve the affinity of sewage and sludge. Compared with urea, the effect is more obvious, and the efficiency will be multiplied. quick. If there is no COD and BOD in the operating system of sewage operation to provide the environment for bacterial growth, then it is necessary to find another way to add these sodium gluconates, so that the sludge aging speed in the wastewater can be slowed down and its biological activity can be reduced. .

Secondly, it plays an important role in stabilizing the water quality of industrial sodium gluconate. For example, in the sewage of nitrite and phosphorus, since the glucose powder can be used for the coordination effect, this can
The strength of corrosion inhibition has been improved. If the test is carried out on different water sources, a small amount of industrial glucofur can be used to obtain the most suitable dosage, and the production process of the enterprise can be understood.
The above will be paired in a ratio of 1 to 5 between solids and water, first to complete the dissolution process and then add water for dilution. Therefore, industrial glucose has important application value for real-life water problems and the treatment of various industrial wastewaters, and has achieved good results in the purification of industrial wastewater.