Sodium gluconate stock solution is a residue extracted from glucose. Sodium gluconate is a kind of sodium gluconate. It is mainly a liquid prepared by oxidation and catalysis of glucose mother liquor. The gluconic acid ratio is 83%. After being converted into gluconic acid to a certain extent, it is produced by a certain process. Sodium gluconate, the conversion rate can reach 80%. Sodium gluconate mother liquor is sodium gluconate mother liquor, its concentration is 40%, belongs to sodium gluconate mother liquor, contains 20-25% sodium gluconate, 15-20% is polysaccharide, and a small amount of glucose.

Sodium gluconate mother liquor has the effect of saving resources and making the best use of materials, and is the main source of sodium gluconate products. After the mother liquor is crystallized, decolorization, oxidation and other processes are used to obtain the final product of glucose. The sodium gluconate mother liquor is separated by repeated crystallization for many times to obtain the mother liquor made of glucose. Because the glucose content in it is relatively low, re-extraction of glucose does not have great economic value, but contains a certain amount of glucose. If it is used, it will become waste and discharged out of the factory, causing environmental pollution.

The total yield of sodium gluconate prepared from sodium gluconate mother liquor is 87.68%, and the purity of single crystal sodium gluconate is 98.2%. The results show that the grain size is 462.3 microns, the grain size is uniform, the crystal shape is good, and the grain quality is better than that of our factory’s products, which is the main source of sodium gluconate products.