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Production technology of powder polycarboxylic acid water reducer

Synthetic materials   Methoxypolyethylene glycol ether acrylate, acrylic acid, mercaptoacetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide. In the reactor of clean, in turn into pure water, methoxy polyethylene glycol ether acrylate, up to 70 ℃, in 3.5 hours and acrylic, thioglycolic acid, hydrogen peroxide solution. Add 3 hours after thermal reaction, cooling and 50 ℃, with 50% sodium hydroxide solution to neutralize to the pH value of 7.0, which get poly carboxylic acid salt water reducing agent of mother liquor. The [...]

Effect of molecular structure of polycarboxylate superplasticizer on its properties

In order to adapt to the construction of concrete of high strength, high performance and high working stability requirements of concrete, the author studied a new type of polyester type carboxy acid kind high efficiency water reducing agent, the optimum condition for synthesis of this kind of water reducing agent and the ratio of raw materials. Through the study of the molecular structure of water reducing agent, polycarboxylic acid slump keeping performance and large monomer used chain length (degree of [...]

Chemical raw materials industry into the off-season

Petrochemical The crude oil market continues to remain high under the influence of news and data. As of July 11 closing, WTI range maintained at 103.14-106.52, Brent interval maintained at 107.43-108.51 US dollars / barrel. The main driver of rising oil prices comes from the market's confidence in the recent US oil demand and the substantial improvement in the US economy, which is relatively stable and durable, so oil prices may still be supported in higher positions for some time [...]

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The role of lignin products

Sodium lignosulfonate to pulp mill as raw material, to the waste solution by adding concentrated sulfuric acid 50%, stirring 4-6 hours, and then with lime milk, by sedimentation, filtration, beating, acid, sodium carbonate Conversion, concentration, drying products. Is a natural polymer, with a strong dispersion, due to the different molecular weight and functional groups have different degrees of dispersion, is a surface active material, can be adsorbed on the surface of a variety of solid particles can be carried out [...]

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The difference between naphthalene superplasticizer and other water reducing agent

[Naphthalene superplasticizer] in our lives is more common, that naphthalene superplasticizer and other water-reducing agent so nothing? Then we will give you a detailed introduction: Naphthalene superplasticizer than other water-reducing agent water reduction rate is higher, GB8076 rules of naphthalene superplasticizer water reduction rate of greater than or equal to 14%, while other water-reducing agent is greater than or equal to 8%. Naphthalene superplasticizer not only has a super-lax function, and can inhibit the loss of concrete slump, is the [...]

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The application of lignin

The use of lignin as a rubber reinforcing agent, lignin in the rubber industry in the application of technical fields. The main point is in the concentrated papermaking waste liquid into the formaldehyde made of formaldehyde formaldehyde resin, and then added in proportion to sulfur, zinc oxide, stearic acid, curing agent, vulcanization accelerator, vulcanization activator and rubber at a certain temperature vulcanization. The invention can make the rubber filled with a large amount of lignin still without adding the softening [...]





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