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Food Additive – Sodium Gluconate

The molecular formula of sodium gluconate is C6H11O7Na and the molecular weight is 218.14. In the food industry, as a food additive, sodium gluconate can increase the acidity of food, enhance the...

Preservative properties of sodium gluconate

Sodium gluconate has a wide range of industrial applications, and its uses in various industries are also different. Today we introduce one of its more special uses: anti-corrosion. The application...

How much do you know about sodium gluconate

Sodium gluconate is still unfamiliar to everyone's cognition, but almost no one does not know about glucose. But the two substances are so different that they are almost completely irrelevant. Next,...

Sodium Gluconate Overdose Countermeasures

If sodium gluconate is used too much as a cleaning agent, it will not cause too much harm, but when cleaning, it will inevitably waste more water resources;If used too much as a chelating agent, the...

The production process of sodium gluconate

Sodium gluconate is a common and versatile sodium salt of organic acid. Industrial sodium gluconate is commonly used in construction, chemical and other industries. In the construction industry, it...

The identification method of anhydrous glucose

In nature, there are many colorless crystals or white crystalline powders similar to anhydrous dextrose. While most taste unique, some are poisonous or contain impurities. Next, let's take a look at...

The use of sodium gluconate mother liquor

Sodium gluconate stock solution is a residue extracted from glucose. Sodium gluconate is a kind of sodium gluconate. It is mainly a liquid prepared by oxidation and catalysis of glucose mother...

Factors Affecting the Effect of Glucose Use

Industrial grade sodium gluconate is often used in industrial production, and is widely used in sewage treatment, medicine, chemical industry, food, microbial fermentation and other industries, but...

Is sodium gluconate a compound?

Sodium gluconate is a very useful compound, which is widely used in industry. For example, it can be used as a cleaning agent for steel surfaces, and it can also colorize chlorine and oxygen in the...

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