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Calcium lignosulfonate

Calcium lignosulfonate

Calcium Lignosulfonate is a anionic surfactant. It is a water-reducing agent in concrete construction,and an excellent adhesive in refinery application.

Product introduction

Appearance Light yellow powder
PH 4.5-6.5
Dry matter ≥93%
Moisture ≤7.0%
Water insoluble matter ≤1.5%
Lignosulphonate ≥60%
Total reducing matter ≤12%
Main uses

    1, used as concrete water reducing agent: mixing cement amount of 0.25 ~ 0.3%, can reduce water consumption of 10 ~ 14%, improve the workability of concrete. Used in summer, slump loss can be inhibited, generally combined with high efficiency water reducing agent.

    2, used as mineral binder: smelting industry, with calcium lignosulfonate and ore powder mixed, made of ore powder ball, after drying into the kiln, can greatly improve the recovery rate of smelting.

    3, refractory materials: manufacturing refractory tiles, the use of calcium lignosulfonate as dispersant and adhesive, can significantly improve the operating performance, and reduce water, enhance, prevent cracking and other good effects.

    4, ceramics: calcium lignosulfonate for ceramic products, can reduce the carbon content to increase green strength, reduce the amount of plastic clay, mud flow is good, improve the yield of 70-90%, sintering speed from 70 minutes to 40 minutes.

    5, used as feed adhesive, can improve the livestock and poultry like food, good particle strength, reduce the amount of feed powder, reduce the rate of powder back, reduce the cost.

    6, other: calcium lignosulfonate can also be used for refining additives, casting, pesticide wettable powder processing, briquette pressing, mining, mineral processing agent, road, soil, dust control, tanning leather packing, carbon black granulation and other aspects.