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Chrome lignosulfonate

Chrome lignosulfonate


Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate

FCLS is a specially prepared thinner and fluid loss control agent used in drilling fluids. It has good high temperature tolerance, and electrolyte resisting properties as well as good compatibility.

Physicochemical properties of chromium lignosulfonate

moisture ≤8.5%
 Water insoluble substance ≤2.5%
Calcium sulfate content ≤3.0%
PH 3.0—3.8
Total chromium 3.6—4.2
Complexing degree ≥75%
Product introduction

Product appearance is brown powder, soluble in water, water solution is weak acid. The molecular weight is more suitable for viscosity reduction process of drilling mud than that of ferrochrome lignosulfonate.

At the same time, the content of iron in the product is less than 0.8%, to avoid the pollution of iron ions to oil Wells, so chromium lignin is a kind of mud viscosity reducer with similar performance or (slightly better) with ferrochrome salt, and less pollution to oil Wells.

Chrome lignosulfonate has the function of reducing water loss and diluting, and also has the characteristics of salt resistance, high temperature resistance and good compatibility. It is a diluent with strong salt resistance, calcium resistance and temperature resistance. The products are widely used in fresh water, sea water, saturated saltwater mud, all kinds of calcium treated mud and ultra-deep well mud, which can effectively stabilize the borehole wall and reduce mud viscosity and cut.

Mud performance

(1) 150~160℃ for 16 hours performance unchanged;

(2) 2% brine slurry performance is better than Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate;

(3)with strong electrolytic resistance, suitable for all kinds of mud.