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Concrete defoamer is mainly used in the production of cement mortar, water reducing agent, concrete, asbestos tile, calcium silicate board, putty powder, ore pulp, reinforcement agent and other production processes.

product description

Type Silicone defoamer Polyether defoamer
Appearance Milky liquid Transparent liquid
pH 6.5-8.5 5-7
viscosity 150-250 400-700
package 220KG/drum, 1000kg/IBC tank, ISO tank 220KG/drum, 1000kg/IBC tank, ISO tank
Feature It is characterized by low surface tension, high surface activity, strong defoaming ability, less dosage and low cost. Most bubble media can be defoamer, but the compatibility is poor when used as concrete defoamer. When used as concrete defoamer, it has excellent defoaming function and good compatibility, but the defoaming effect is slightly weaker than that of Silicone defoamer.
Product advantage

(1) Remove bubbles

After use, the foam can be quickly eliminated, which can reduce the impact of harmful substances on the environment, and can quickly play a defoaming role in the process of defoaming, and after use, it can also play a certain pressing effect on the emergence of the foam and improve the performance of use.

(2) The solid content is high, the amount of addition is very small, generally one-thousandth to three-thousandth of the concrete system, and the defoaming cost is relatively low;

(3) Easy to use

In the use process is very simple, only need to be placed in the water can be used. Moreover, it is widely used in non-ionic surfactants and can improve the efficiency of industrial production.

(4) Stable performance

It is biologically or chemically inert and will not react with other components in the concrete system, such as admixtures, and will not affect the performance of concrete components. Can be used in a variety of environments, not due to the impact of the environment can not be used, can be used in high temperature, high pressure and other environments.

(5) Safe storage

In the process of not using, it can also be stored, can be stored for a long time without damage, and improve the effect of eliminating the foam on the surface of the item.