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Sodium lignosulfonate

Feature and applications:

Sodium lignin water reducing agent(wood pulp) is made from sulfite pulping waste liquor processing under chemically modified form, with medium molecular weight and low sugar content. Used as concrete admixtures, features of low ash, low gas content and strong adaptability for cement, the most significant feature is no precipitate in the liquid admixture which compound with naphthalene high-performance water reducer.

Usage Features

For Sodium lignin water reducer, recommended amount in the concrete cement (weight) of 0.2% 0.6%, the user should determine the optimal dosage through the experiment.  Sodium lignosulfonate can be used as liquid.

The effect of Sodium lignosulphonate is significant when compound with naphthalene high-performance water reducer. the user should determine the optimal dosage through the experiment.


When using sodium lignin water reducer, must control the dosage strictly, effect will not obvious if less, it will affect the early strength of concrete. When the temperature is below 5 ℃,  it is inappropriate used alone for concrete projects.