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Sodium lignosulfonate

Sodium lignosulfonate

Sodium lignin water reducing agent(wood pulp) is made from sulfite pulping waste liquor processing under chemically modified form, with medium molecular weight and low sugar content. Used as concrete admixtures, features of low ash, low gas content and strong adaptability for cement, the most significant feature is no precipitate in the liquid admixture which compound with naphthalene high-performance water reducer.

Sodium lignosulfonate

Appearance Brown powder Dry matter ≥93%
Moisture ≤5.0% Water insoluble matter ≤2.5%
Lignosulphonate ≥50% Total reducing matter ≤4%
CAS NO. 8061-51-6 Package 25kg,500kg,600kg
Concrete water reducing agent

Sodium lignosulfonate is powdery low gas retarding water reducing agent, belongs to anionic surface active material, adsorption and dispersion of cement, can improve various physical properties of concrete. Reduce more than 13% of the water, improve the workability of concrete, and can greatly reduce the initial hydration heat of cement, can be compounded into early strength agent, retarding agent, antifreeze agent, pumping agent. The liquid admixture made of naphthalene superplasticizer has almost no precipitation.

Coal water slurry additive

Adding this product in the process of preparing Coal water slurry can increase the output of high mill, maintain the normal condition of pulping system, reduce the power consumption of pulping, and make Coal water slurry provide concentration. In the process of gasification, oxygen consumption and coal consumption decrease, cold gas efficiency increases, and Coal water slurry can reduce viscosity and achieve certain stability and fluidity.

Reinforcer for refractory material and ceramic body

In the manufacturing process of large size wall tile and firebrick, the raw material particles of the blank body can be firmly bonded, and the strength of the dry blank can be increased by 20%-60%.

Filler and dispersant for dye industry and pesticide processing

When used as the dispersant and filler of dyes and disperse dyes, it can make the dye color increase, color more uniform, shorten the time of dye grinding; It can be used as filler, dispersant and suspension agent in pesticide processing, greatly improving the suspension rate and wettability of wettable powder.

As a binder for powder and granular materials

Used for iron ore powder, lead and zinc ore powder, pulverized coal, coke powder pressure ball, cast iron, cast steel sand mold pressing; Mud brick wall floor tile extrusion molding; High strength, good stability, lubrication mold and other good effects can be obtained from pelletizing of mineral materials.

Used as dilution dispersant and viscosity reducer in drilling

Improve the fluidity of crude oil transportation and reduce energy consumption. In petroleum products, as a cleaning agent, dispersant, high alkaline additives, anti-rust agent, antistatic agent, emulsion viscosity reducer, wax elimination and wax prevention agent.

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